The first Romanian AI Map is live: we've spotted 100+ AI startups

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The high-tech startup scene is booming, and the best is yet to come. It sounds like a cheesy line, but after mapping with Techcelerator team over 100 AI startups in just a couple of weeks, I feel that the Romanian tech ecosystem has all the ingredients to send great projects on the global scene.

And I'm not talking just about counting another Romanian-born unicorn. I'm thinking more at the startup ecosystem's maturity and the potential for growing fintechs & deep-techs that can prove good traction, show scalable solutions, and eventually reach hundreds of millions in valuation.

Maybe 100+ AI startups are not impressive, but the outlook for the years to come is bright. The seeds are there, and the soil is fertile:

  • first of all, we have a good pool of talents, great engineers that could build projects from scratch and deploy prototypes in weeks

  • We also have dozens of UiPath first employees, that are now millionaires and will start new businesses. Considering their expertise, they will most likely choose verticals like SaaS, Deep-Tech, or Fintech

  • to start a business and fund your idea is now easier than ever; there are good accelerators, a dozen of pre-seed and seed VCs in the region that are scouting for promising ideas, and at least 100 angel investors that can fund your project

  • The capital will be plentiful; although the first batch of Romanian VCs have almost depleted their funds, new ventures will benefit from EIB inflows and fresh money from the local market reaching maybe hundred of millions EUR that can be invested in fintech, deep tech, health tech, and other high-tech verticals.

But without further ado, take a look at the first AI Map in Romania. Powered by Techcelerator and Google for Startups, the project showcased more than 100 AI startups incorporated in Romania or with at least one Romanian founder. 👇

Download the Map!

I'm sure that the market is deeper, considering that many teams prefer to pilot their solutions before reaching out or publicly announcing their newly formed AI startup.

I expect to reach 150 AI startups pretty soon as founders of newly launched AI startups reached out on the first day of going public with the report, and more will want to show their ideas.

If you have at least an MVP, don't hesitate to flag your AI project HERE. Don't miss the chance to be on the Map in the forthcoming update.

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